Water Resource Engineering & Consulting

Water supply in the West is our greatest and most heavily-used natural resource. It is also increasingly the most complex to manage and permit. Our skilled team of engineers, hydrogeologists, aquatic ecologists, and water quality specialists offer a broad spectrum of water resource services and water rights experience to our clients. We have served private development, agriculture and ranching, municipal, industrial, and mining clients in water permitting.

Big Hole Cooperative Ditch Company

Our engineers planned and designed this fish friendly diversion to both facilitate irrigation water management and improve fish passage for endangered species. This design-build project includes a new headgate structure, measuring structure, and rock drop weirs in the river specifically designed to provide native fish safe passage.

Yankee Doodle Tailings Dam failure mode analysis

Our principal engineer led the failure mode analysis for this high hazard dam, which at over 650 feet tall is one of the largest earthen dams in U.S.

Big Horn Water Reservation efficiency review

Our water resource scientists provided the Big Horn Conservation District with water right accounting and efficiency review of current appropriations for this state water reservation. The Big Horn Water Reservation currently serves 5,000 acres of high productivity farmland in south-central Montana.

Cataract dam inspection and rehabilitation

Our engineers assisted with the high hazard dam inspection and rehabilitation assessment for the 80-foot tall earthen Cataract Creek Dam which impounds a 1,500 acre foot irrigation reservoir. We assist dam operators in complying with DNRC Dam Safety Program regulations.

New Irrigation Well Water Rights

This ranch required a new reliable source of irrigation water. Our hydrogeologists provided a groundwater evaluation to identify a site, drilling depth, and design for a highly productive well. We completed a Montana DNRC closed basin water right permit for groundwater.